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The Central New York market now has a link between employers and job seekers: CNY Employment Guide.

Dressing for work and interviews

Your primary goal in dressing for an interview is to feel good about the way you look while projecting an image that matches the requirements of the position and company.

Guidelines for Women

Suites, Dresses: Conservative business suit or dress of natural or woven-blend fabric; skirt length should be to the bottom of the knee at least. Choose a soft color that complements your skin tone and hair color; brown, tan, beige, black, blue, navy, or gray.

Blouses: Simple style; white or soft colors. Avoid low-cut necklines or very frilly styles.

Shoes: Highly polished pumps or medium heels in color that matches your outfit. Save the three-inch heels for another time.

Stockings: Beige, tan, or natural. Avoid patterns or lacy stockings.

Purse: Not necessary, but if you bring one it should be of small or medium size in a color that goes with your outfit.

Guidelines for Men

Suits: Dark blue, gray, muted pin-stripes, or very muted brown. A quality woven blend of natural fibers looks professional. Avoid bold plaids, bold pin-stripes, contrasting slacks and sport coat, or light colors. Don't buy a size 40 regular off the rack; get alterations for a tailored fit!

Shirts: A good quality white button-down or white classic collar is preferred. Be sure it is ironed.

Ties: Conservative stripes or paisleys that complement your suit. Silk or good quality blends only. Don't shop for a deal, shop for a good tie.

Shoes: Highly polished slip-ons or laced dress shoes; brown, cordovan, or black.

For both MEN AND WOMEN...

...avoid unkempt hair or far-out hairstyles. Don't draw the interviewer's attention to your hair. Also, avoid excessive perfume or cologne. It doesn't mean you can't wear it, but a little goes a long way in a closed room.

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